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as len ramirez shows us, not everyone was satisfied with what they heard. >> mts b investigators zeroed in on the ringsy decision in 2006 not to install shut had been off valves on the sanbruno pipeline which blew up and destroyed 38 homes. >> it took 90 minutes for crews to get to those valves and shut them down. what is about the approximate time it would take to close and have a remote valve close and isolate that line? >> well, actually our crews getting to the site. >> on the hot seat was lee senior gas engineers in the risk management department. the man who wrote the memo arguing modern valves in this case would not provide additional safety or prevent property damage. but investigators seemed frustrated by his struggle to answer key questions. >> let me put it this way, would it take 60 minutes to 90
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minutes for remote valves to close? >> no. >> would it take 30 minutes for remote valves to close? >> no. >> would it take 15 minutes for that remote valve to close? >> yes. we could shut off the valve sooner. >> watching it all at home in sanbruno were neighbors still living through the effects of the blast. >> i did get to watch an hour of the proceedings this morning. it was a really frustrating experience. i could sense the frustration on the ntsb board, the chairwoman there and welcome to our world. that's what we have been getting out of pg&e still is answers that don't really answer the questions. >> a panel of pg&e executives and managers were questioned throughout the day as the federal safety board tries to find the root cause of the disaster. in a statement pg&e said. >> we intend to cure the system problem, you know, aggressively. >> reporter: outside the
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hearing room congress woman jack speier called pg&e's practices frightening. >> we are at a point in this country where we have infrastructure that is so debilitated that to not have automatic remote shut-off valves is, you know, bordering on gross negligence. >> and congresswoman jackie pier would require the utility to have automatic or remote control shut-off valves running through populated areas like sanbruno. but with republican control of the house it is uncertain if and when that legislation moves forward. the ntsb hearings will be continuing the next couple of days. we should have the results on their investigation sometime in september. it will be interesting to see what kind of teeth all of this will have when it is finished. >> absolutely. you know, with this legislation, this is what people say they want. but, you know, it is uncertain if it is going to move forward right now because the republicans are setting the agenda right now. and this is, you know, a controversial item. >> in the meantime eight people are dead and countless homes were destroyed.
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>> absolutely. a lot of lives still being repaired right now. >> all right. len ramirez, thank you. well, a not guilty plea today from barry bonds. he was in the courthouse where his federal trial is set to be heard later this month. but today a lot of the focus was on who will and who will not be testifying. simon perfect rose perez is live with that story. simon? >> reporter: allen, the judge today made some rulings that will definitely spice up this case. but they were rulings that barry bonds' defense team did not like. a noticeably thinner barry bonds showed up to federal court today and said he didn't commit the crimes he is accused of. four counts of lying to a grand jury about his alleged steroid use. bonds' trainer and childhood friend greg anderson again said he would not testify at the trial even after the judge said she would send him to jail again if he refused. >> this is not about barry bonds. it is about a prosecution that is in our believe out of control.
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and that basically made promises, broke their promises. and that he doesn't trust. so he is going to have nothing to do with this prosecution. >> reporter: judge susan ill ston denied several defense requests to have witness testimony ruled out. specifically they didn't want bonds' ex-mistress kimberly bell to talk about the supposed steroid use she saw in bonds. namely that his testicles shrank and he couldn't perform sexually and that he would anger easily, a symptom known as roid rage. >> the case that the government is intending to put on i think is going to be featured very heavily on the drudge report. and i think that's a shame for the district court. but as i say that's the evidence they will put on and we will meet it. >> reporter: the testimony about the supposed side effects of steroid should not be admitted because testicular atrophy cannot be seen by a landman only a doctor can know that. and because claims of
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aggressive behavior have only been made by an ex-mistress. no one else in bonds' past. bonds is noticeably thinner that in past court appearances i have seen him at. i sit in the front row right there in the courtroom. when he comes in just a couple of feet away from me. past appearances big barrel neck and big chest and wears suits that are tight on him. and the prosecution did not talk to us. trial is expected to start march 31st. >> simon perez in san francisco, thanks. a high-tech highest netted 15 armed robbers a truckload of computer equipment. it happened sunday morning at unigen in fremont. mark sayre is there with more on this sophisticated crime. mark? >> well, dana, the good news is no employees were injured in this take-over style of
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robbery. but fremont police are trying to determine who these robbers are and what will they do with all of that computer equipment. >> that's something out of a movie. definitely unusual, yeah. >> reporter: fremont police believe the robbery started here with a hole cut in the chainlink fence. from here the estimated 12-15 men wearing ski masks and armed with both handguns and automatic rifles stormed inside through the loading dock. >> we found 5-6 employees had been tied up and secured into a back room. >> reporter: the target of the robbery was the unigen corporation on warm springs road. they manufacturer memory modules for computers and mobile devices. the robbers quickly loaded up a truckload of goods and took off. >> this wasn't, you know, a random thing. this was obviously a relatively sophisticated robbery. they knew what they were after. >> if somebody tries to pawn those items off on any major silicone company they will get a very cold reception and possibly a jail sentence.
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are. >> reporter: cbs news technology larry magid says the thieves had an advanced plan on how to get rid of the goods. >> these are components not bought by apple or hewlet packard so likely will end up overseas and many of the overseas vendors are reputable and under some scrutiny aren't likely to buy from them. >> reporter: for now the police are not releasing the security video but it is clear and very helpful to their investigation. >> what that does show us, you know, is what exactly occurred, how it occurred, you know. and to some extent who did what and that kind of thing. we will keep that close to the vest. >> reporter: chp cargo task force is assisting fremont police with this investigation. as for the company, unigen, it did not responded to dana for our request for comment. back to you. >> it seems like it was a sophisticated and easy haul.
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anybody talking about an inside job? >> reporter: well, all it is at this point is complete speculation. we have heard everything from inside job, corporate espionage, international theft rings. i mean, no one really knows. but certainly that is probably something investigators are looking at. >> mark sayre, thank you. and now we move to breaking news out of oakland. police confirm that the victim in a shooting we told you about at 5:00 has died. the person was found shot just after 4:00 at darion and denslow street near the 98th avenue exit of i-880. officers were searching the area for suspects but we don't know if they caught anyone. and a berkeley police officer is hospitalized after being dragged by a car. it happened about an hour ago on university avenue and 8th street. police say an officer leaned into a suspect's car to talk about a swollen wallet and that's when the suspect reportedly drove off with the officer half inside. the officer eventually fell out of the vehicle. the police were able to catch
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the suspect on foot. in salano county a surprise substance in a child's cookie has sickened four students. investigators say on monday a develop child shared two marijuana cookies. the boy says he received them from an employee at a local convenience store. the clerk told police he didn't know that they contained any pot. >> and when you look at the packaging, it is not self- evident immediately that they do. you have to read the fine print. >> the students attend grace patterson elementary school. the police say they are still investigating the incident. just how much do people depend on online banking? bank of america customers just got a 48-hour crash course. the risky moves some had to take while the computer was not an option. >> a relatively new supermarket chain is about to open its doors. how you can tell it is listening to its customers. >> the impact broke this and it
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chipped a lot of the paint. >> as if a costly tow isn't bad enough. this car was also damaged in the process. what we've learned about the company. [ music ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the public utilites commission says muni's condition is the . >> state regulators have pomona on the hot seat. the public utilities condition says mun i's condition is the worst among california's transit systems. investigators found a series of violations on the muni line that could pose danger to the safety. they call the accusations overblown and unfair. they are aware of the problems work tirelessly to keep it running. >> fresh and easy executives say american shoppers will find that the stores cater to their needs. ann has a preview of the first
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store in danville. ann? >> reporter: dana, the fresh even easy is making its northern california with two doors one in san jose and one in danville. by the end of the year they will have 13 stores in this region. >> i got some deep work to do. >> i don't know about the pasta. >> fresh and easy workers have lots to do before customers walk through their doors. the parent company is u.k. based tesco, the third largest retailer in the world and growing fast. but fresh and easy is all american in perspective. >> don't buy american consumers and by really listening to what americans are looking for in the modern 21st century market. >> we apparently want fresh, convenient food. the first thing you might notice when you walk into a fresh and easy is what's near the checkout stand. >> quickly pick up what you need for dinner and lunch. your eggs and pizzas and meat.
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>> and the chains grab and go meals have become signature items but americans apparently want to have a say. and the company is listening to suggestions on twitter and facebook. >> what we have heard are larger meals. we launched about two years ago family meals. they feed a family of four for about $8. >> they also added microwaves, another customer request. >> and the check-out is do-it- yourself but tried to make it easier. >> as an example all of the produce have barcodes. you just simply pick the item up at the bar code. and you take it and you scan it. >> some unions have complained this is a non-union shop. >> ultimately the choice of being union is up to our employees. it's a choice they haven't made so far. >> so they are free to organize if they want? >> absolutely. >> reporter: it's a sensitive subject but the store manager came here after 27 years at safeway. as they prepare for their grand
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opening his team seems happy to be a part of it. >> is, 2, 3. >> let's go. >> well, the store also says it looks for opportunities to open up in underserved communities. for example, they will open up a store in san francisco's bayview hunters point neighborhood at the end of the year. >> that's great. thank you. >> a surplus of snow? sierra. the recent storms have dropped up to 15 feet of snow just in the passed two weeks. pretty good news for the sierra snowpack where they say it is 124% of normal for this time of year. so that means the state is on track to meet the peak demand for the summer. the snow pack of course determines how much water will be delivered to farms in the city for the rest of the year. >> i thought i heard that little clap in the background and it wasn't thunder and lightning. which could be a possibility with the next approaching storm. good evening, everybody. let's go ahead and head outdoors to our live cbs 5
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weather camera. officially sundown at 6:02. by the time it makes an appearance tomorrow at 6.45. actually, it will not be making an appearance because we have more rain moving this way. the clouds are now beginning to increase across the area. in advancement of all of this the winds are now beginning to pick up as well. there you have the winds at half moon bay. current air temperature in walnut creek is 48. in campbell the winds up to 16. out and about this evening we do have dry conditions right now. what do you see? nothing. let me move back. there you have the rain approaching from the coast. so we are noticing increasing clouds. increasing wind. we also will be noticing some rain showers developing if you are out and about this evening. now, let's go ahead and put this into progress here for you. tonight overnight with mostly cloudy skies, numbers in the 40s and the 50s. rain should be beginning by about 9:00. take a look at this. it is our pinpoint forecast. there is the 7:00 hour. and there is the rain moving
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onshore. 11 p.m. tonight some heavy precipitation noted around the santa rosa, hillsburg. there is the morning commute. sloppy, wet, rainy. there will be delays at sfo due to the gusty winds that will gust up to about 50 miles per hour. a little decrease in the activity towards the evening commute. but the bottom line is wind advisory is in effect through 6:00 tomorrow morning. with those wind gusts up to 50, make sure you travel with caution. and make sure you hang on to that steering-wheel. could be a double white knuckleer for the morning commute. numbers into the 50s to right about 60. 62 towards salinas. a rain-out on wednesday. a scattered shower thursday. more rain by saturday night. dana, next time around we will talk about mackeral and the weather forecast. nothing 20 -- to do with the weather. >> thanks, roberta. >> something you probably didn't know about san francisco
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♪ [ female announcer ] the yoplait you love, now in a 4-pack. try it today. off a jewelry heist from a woodside home. a man wearing work clothes and . burglars posing as cal trans workers pulled off a jewelry highest at a home. he knocked on the door and told the resident he was checking on possible landslides. while the victim was distracted the other man entered the home through an unlocked back door and stoled the jewelry. when the owner became suspicious the first man took off in a grey or silver suv. we think we have a really good perspective on how it is all coming together. this is our video from 2:00 this afternoon. we sent chopper 5 on a little bay bridge fly-by for you. while they are in fact building a single tower, each section of that tower is made up of four giant pieces of steel. so think of it like four legs
6:21 pm
of a stool. if you look closely you will see the first of those four pieces is now in place. and what happens next, well, when you look down below on the deck of the bridge, you are going to see the next leg of the stool is standing up right being ready to to be hauled upwards. each of the pieces are 500 tonnes. and this leg will take 30 hours. and the assembly line doesn't stop there. as we look back across the water, another fourth was already being barged in there. these four pieces are going to take the tower up to 480 feet. in april, crews will install one last single piece that is going to cap the tower and hold the suspension cables. and that will take it to the final height of 525 feet. of course, the bad weather might slow things down. but we will keep checking out the progress throughout the week. well, a crane used for cleaning left quite a mark on san francisco this morning. crews were watching the windows of the banana republic store on
6:22 pm
sutter street when the cement buckled underneath that crane. the crane crashed to the ground. and amazingly nobody was hurt. the firefighters say the crane did break an underground sprinkler system for the building. they had to call in a tow truck to remove the crane. and the city is now investigating why the sidewalk buckled in the first place. >> a human body that should be decomposing on display and relatively fresh but how? how do they preserve the bodies in the plastic man exhibit? ken bastida with tonight's good question. [ music ] >> reporter: the process has been controversial since its development in 1977 by german anatomis and his wife angelina. >> the process is called plasticnation. the conversion of a scientific corpse to a plastic display.
6:23 pm
they have some of his subjects. the director peter frees has seen the process full hand. it begins with full immersion in formaldehyde. >> in the second step they take all of the fluids out of the body and do it with acid. put you in a big glass tube with all of these chemicals in there. >> and then just as the word would indicate, the bodies are injected with a special plastic. >> they have to put you into a certain position the position that you see here. and then they put the plastic in there and it stays there forever. >> reporter: all of the subjects have donated their bodies to be plasticnated to further science and to understand how the human body works. but not just humans. frees says an elephant has also now been plasticnated. >> the elephant is probably 12- foot tall, 35-foot long.
6:24 pm
it is huge. >> reporter: go to and click on connect to send me your good questions. [ music ] >> gears like a mountain bike. it steers really well. >> not your childhood tricycle. how this device will expand your ability to see the world or even show the world places like your own backyard. >> can technology restore faith in confession? tonight the app that some think can replace the booth gets another look. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ music ] >> online banking is supposed to make banking easier for customers. but for bank of america customers today it did the opposite. mike sugarman told us why it happened and why it came at a bad time for folks. >> you are right, allen. the bottom line is online was offline and you couldn't get on to bank of american line. i tried to pay some bills and probably i couldn't and several million others couldn't either. using the bank used to be hard. >> the bank offers us many
6:28 pm
services. and like there frank adams most of us use the bank. >> reporter: mr. frank adams didn't use online banking then. nor would he have had it today. >> online banking right now is currently down. they are experiencing some technical difficulties with the service. it should be they don't have an estimated turn-around time but they were saying within approximately the next 1-2 business days it will be up and rolling. >> reporter: could it have gone down on a worst day? this is the 1st of the month. >> trying to pay my mortgage today and the online banking is down. >> like shawn millions of us use online banking. but bank of america has been what they are calling intermittent now for the second day. and the second time this month. >> we had a couple of people come in actually today with a little distraught about the online banking situation. >> mr. shawn o' connor was one of them. he took out money from his bank
6:29 pm
account to pay his mortgage at wells fargo the low tech way. >> walking around with a couple thousand dollars just to pay your mortgage? >> yes. >> that is dangerous. >> it is. >> the bank provides many services for him and for everyone who uses the bank. >> just not online. >> yes, and there he goes walking his thousands of dollars, like $2500 to the bank. the wells fargo bank where he had to pay his mortgage. i have not confirmed the bank of america's online banking is up yet with bank of america. but i am a customer. and i can get on. so that's a good sign. >> you are not seeing any late fees charged to your account? >> not yet. and they said they will work with you if there is a light fee. because -- late fee. because there was a problem with that 24-48 hours. if you've got a mortgage due to day or bills due today that's trouble. >> mike sugarman, thanks. >> google is going off-road in its quest to map all of the trails and back roads and byways of the united states.
6:30 pm
and if you wantthey will get up close and personal with your own backyard. the program recently went online. and in a story you will only see on cbs 5 kit doe shows us how it works. >> here in san jose before you come out to the skate park, you can actually come out to the skate park. you have likely seen the google map cars outlined with cameras mapping for the streetview it is a street perspective. google maps is undergoing an upgrade by taking street view off the street. >> it gears like a race bike and it rides really great. >> reporter: he led the team that outfitted the bicycles. >> this is the bottom line. >> reporter: include a computer, panoramic cameras and a generator. at 215 pounds it is surprisingly nimble. >> and the google tricycle can go where the bikes cannot like
6:31 pm
the parks. >> reporter: all of you couch potatoes there is no excuse to stay at home. >> people are more excited to actually go in real person with a place once they weather whet their appetite. >> reporter: today the company is letting out 70 places. it includes five bay area locations like the fremont open space reserve and the intimate walkways of the winery in santa clara county. the tricycle includes the dublin gardens in ireland. and if you own private property you can invite the tricycle out and it goes only where you want it to go. the company blurs out the license plates or faces. otherwise it is free. >> reporter: skate park manager was one of the first to take google up on its offer. >> the whole idea is once you see it as a skater, you are going to want to skate it
6:32 pm
eventually. >> reporter: with the google skate view tricycle the world has become a smaller and more convenient place to visit. in san jose, kit doe, cbs 5. >> google says it is interested in sending the tricycle out to places like universities, zoos and stadiums and other tourist destinations. to apply for the free service click on >> there is an app for that and they are not kidding. having gone to confessional for those who want to give the app another look here goes. >> seinfeld showed to non- catholics, confession can be confusing. >> tell me your sins, my son. >> well, i have to admit i am jewish. >> that is no sin. >> oh, good. >> patrick lyman developed confession a roman catholic app. and at $1.99 it is a best-
6:33 pm
seller. >> our thought process was, well, let's build something for everybody that everyone can use. and let's build it so that the church doesn't get upset at it. >> i can see that it is attractive. >> professor eric brigham teaches social study at usf. >> people look to where medians where they are. technology has become a median that people respond to. >> reporter: before we lead to a misunderstanding of the app it clearly states it is not intended to replace questioning sins to a priest. there is a list of the ten commandments, instructions how to begin your confession and the common prayers, typically said after questioning your sins. >> and basically we try to look straight ahead. we don't look inside and see who is there. >> reporter: the pastor is at good shepherd at pacifica. he says the app can only help. >> if it gets someone to stop and consider the app and say you need to talk to good a
6:34 pm
little bit more. and this is a good way to do it. >> reporter: but does it achieve that goal? >> i don't link technology to confession at all. it seems like separate world. >> reporter: the vatican and the pope have a facebook page so why not an app? >> with all of this technology you don't want to sit down and read books anymore so, yeah. >> really? >> it's a good thing, yeah. >> reporter: but professor brigham points out, confession itself is more than a checklist. >> if technology is wrecking relationship confession is to be healing in relationships. and this isolated experience of checking off a list doesn't capture that reality. the developers say money from the sale of the app is being donated to the church. and one bishop has gone so far to give it the approval of being in harmony with catholic teachings. the only app with that distinction. >> if you have a story you think deserves another look send us an e-mail to
6:35 pm
another look. >> interesting. well, do you need to get some lab test inside why go see a doctor? the new at home lab that could save you money but the concern that is raising among health experts. >> and steve jobs, how the genius at apple missed out on knighthood because of rotten grapes. >> and coming up the shocker is coming up. ,,,,,,
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i tore both my rotator cuffs. first i injured this shoulder, then this one, then this one two more times. playing with my kids was not an option. when a lot of doctors could have gone in and just said, "no, can't fix it." but he didn't give up. today i can throw my kids around in the pool. i can still coach rugby and share my love of the game. announcer: at sutter health, our story is you. for more stories, visit
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instead of going to your doctor . who doesn't want to save money on medical tests. instead of going to your doctor to check your cholesterol, you can save time and money by ordering your own tests. but is it safe. dr. kim mulvahill joins us. >> you all know cost matters. actually the latest news about healthcare reveals that just over half of americans have put off some sort of care because of the cost. well, now a growing number of people are keeping track of
6:38 pm
their medical tests without breaking the bank. [ music ] >> order your own lab tests without seeing a doctor. the tests are easy to find and make claims of being private, convenient and affordable, price being the big seller for many. >> i never realized that you can get lab tests at that low cost, you know, with some form of reliability. >> peter mango, a former police chief has been ordering his own blood tests online from direct labs to monitor his cholesterol. for $29 he goes to a lab where the blood is drawn and days later the results are delivered to him by e-mail. there are tests for a variety of things, including cholesterol, blood sugar for diabetes, sexually transmitted diseases and hormone levels. >> about 70% of the people who do the test versus problems. but these are not people who would not go to the doctor or didn't know they had problems. >> reporter: in a skype interview they have their own in-house doctors who alert the patients if problems are
6:39 pm
detected. peter says you save time and money. >> you don't realize the costs involved until you start paying out-of-pocket. >> i think i would be concerned. >> this doctor with the health labs worries about the line to consumer lab tests. the tests need to be determined in the context of the patient's overall health. >> that same number might mean different things to different people. >> peter is glad he did the testing on his own. >> the balance between taking care of your health and weighing the impact of that on the family's finances is huge in this economy. >> now, if you do this, make sure the online company sends your tests to a lab accredited by a group like the college of american pathologists. beware of any company offering treatments for those test results. it is best to share all of these results with your physician. let him know why you are getting tested and why it is important to you. >> i guess it makes sense if
6:40 pm
you have a chronic condition like cholesterol that you check it on a regular basis. >> people want to know. and in some cases you may be avoiding $150 office charge and then on top of that the fee for the lab test. >> you can e-mail it to the doctor. >> okay. >> all right. kim, thank you. >> after the break how getting towed can get even worse. >> a little deceiving the first day of march kind of came in like a lamb. but tonightit will go out like a lion. when the rain begins. pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news reports. ,,,,,,,,
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a consumerwatch investigation into a customer's complaint... . a san francisco towing company has lost its license following a consumer watch investigation into a customer's complaint. on the consumer watch, julie watts shows us another case highlighting problems in the city's towing industry. [ music ] >> the impact broke, well, it broke this and it chipped a lot of the paint. >> reporter: matthew baker'sy 98 toyota has been through a lot lately. last october the college student was driving in san francisco when his axle broke. >> it is 11:00 at night i am not going to leave my car in
6:44 pm
san francisco. >> reporter: so matthew googled a company to dispatch a tow truck operator. >> eight blocks away from turning on to the freeway he turns left and my car falls off the back of the tow truck. >> reporter: matthew couldn't believe his eyes so he shot this cell phone video. that's his car in the middle of the road. we showed the video to this officer. >> that's pretty unusual. >> unusual just the beginning. >> reporter: matthew said after the drop the driver switched the sign on this truck, covering up the name with this ken's towing magnetic sign. police say that's problem number one. >> well, it's an indication of fraud. >> reporter: fraud because it breaks city rules intended to ensure both the tow driver and the tow company are properly licensed. problem number two, ken's towing was also scribbled over another company's name on the receipt. and number 3, the tow driver refused to give matthew his insurance information so he could file the $2,000 damage
6:45 pm
claim. >> that's when matthew called consumer watch. ken's towing initially told our volunteers it would help but then they stopped returning our calls. and they say the man who towed matthew's car recently pled guilty to an auto theft charge which would bar him from driving a tow truck in the first place. following an investigation, the company's license has been revoked. >> you know, police advise if you call a tow truck ask to see the permit, the name on the license and the receipt should match the name on the truck. as for matthew's car, firestone auto care, the company that dispatched ken's towing has agreed to pay for the repairs. on the consumer watch, julie watts, cbs 5. >> a british newspaper is reporting that former prime minister blair blocked a knighthood for steve jobs in 2009. he was nominated by a labor member of the parliament for his "services to technology." the member says that the
6:46 pm
proposal was in the final stages of approval when brown turned it down. brown was apparently annoyed that jobs turned down an invitations to speak at a british political event. >> holy mackeral. >> he is trying to lead into the mackeral. >> holy mackeral. >> something you don't see in the skies very often around the bay area. guys, mackeral. >> also cumulous mackeral clouds. and they were captured in the valley. look at that. clouds that usually develop between 6500 feet and 16,000 feet. and what they do is indicate an approaching weather frontal system. and, dave, you were spot on because that's exactly what we do have coming. our live high definition doppler radar is picking up the precipitation in earnest now, due west of the bay area. this system is coming from the west and wrapping around to the north. and let's call on our pinpoint forecast so you and i can both
6:47 pm
see together when our computer models are suggesting that the rain arrives. right there, by 9:00 around the seashore and the north bay. now, watch this, after 11:00, the rain is copious. north of the golden gate bridge a chance of thunderstorms as well. serve wet by the morning commute. and trust me winds will gusts up to 50 miles per hour. so wet and windy for that commute. the rains will begin to diminish during the afternoon towards the evening commute. but it will still be very sloppy and wet around highway 17. three inches of rain is expected in the highest locations at the north bay mountains in 24 hours. that's a lot of rain in a short amount of time. a couple of inches at santa cruz mountains. generally an inch to an inch and a half across the bay area. in addition to all of that rain we have a wind advisory in place. sorry got through that kind of fast, didn't i? those winds up to 50 miles per hour out of the south. so it will be treacherous driving over the localbridges for the morning commute. during the day with the rain temperatures the temperatures pretty mild into the 50s.
6:48 pm
a good 5 or 6 degrees below average throughout many of our neighborhoods. when you have that much rain in a short amount of time when we already have sal rated soil you could possibly -- saturated soil you could see some downed trees and downed power lines. and trust me on this one, you will see delays at sfo for our wednesday. scattered shower certainly possible on thursday. by friday partly to mostly cloudy skies. the clouds thicken up on saturday. that will lead to the potential of rain showers by saturday night. in the north bay. everybody gets wet on sunday. including the runners for the napa valley marathon. keep that chance of rain in the monday forecast as well. my picks, this was sent in by john gunny. livermore began their morning at 32 degrees so pretty frosty. also frosty in woods. so he shot this picture of his car. don't you hate when that happens. >> are those mackeral tracks? >> yes. >> keep the pictures coming to
6:49 pm especially with the impending storm coming in tonight. >> roberta, thanks. police say she held on to a moving car while her husband was behind the wheel trying to kill her. we are talking 42 miles at 100 miles per hour. 10:00 on the cw, 11 on cbs 5, the route that the two took and how police were able to follow their every move. >> if you saw pucks you get big bucks. tim lincecum makes his pitch for the regular season up next. [ applause ] ,,,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
california should be proud.
6:51 pm
we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
6:52 pm
. everybody in the nfl wants more money. >> for themselves. >> i have no sympathy for anybody in this conflict who can't figure out how to split up that kind of cash, right? >> that's a lot of money. >> we could have a work stoppage. the thing is everybody will come climbing back to watch the games and go to the games anyway. the nfl owners were counting on $4 billion in t.v. revenue to use in case of a lock-out. no so fast. in a major reversal the u.s. district judge sided with the players i saying it is their money, too. the collective bargaining expires monday night and without the $4 billion the nfl
6:53 pm
owners might not be able to figure this out. >> well, the owners want to divide $9 billion per year? that's a big problem. the players want more money for retired players. seems like they ought to get all of that stuff done. negotiations are continuing. the sharks have made their move to the tops of the division. goalie anti niemo. they named him to a four year extension worth over $15 million. he has been nearly unbeatable lately winning 15 of the sharks' last 16 games allowing an average of less than two goals per game during that span. this is the guy who led chicago to a stanley cup last year and is peaking at the right time again. >> i think it is better now because i am more experienced. i am not worrying too much about the games right now. i am just enjoying it. >> for the last 18 starts he has been tremendous. not many weak ones going in. so the team has a lot of
6:54 pm
confidence in front of him. when we make mistakes, we -- he seems to be there to cover up, especially late in the games. and right now he fits that role and that need for us very, very well. >> now, if only the warriors had a stopper like that. after starting the road trip by losing to the worst team in the conference, golden state is entering must-win territory at this point. no warriors, not even monty had a hot hand in indian that. williams for three it is good. warriors down three. he had 25 points off the bench. a chance to tie the game and wright. no. no. that's the game. the warriors have not won since the all star break. 109-100 is the final today. st. mary's mickey mcconnell is the player of the year in the west coast conference. he leads the wcc in assists. fourth in the nation and averages 20 points a game. but what set him apart from the rest was something more than just numbers.
6:55 pm
and it is really a great lesson foray expiring players -- for aspiring players. >> not a guy blessed with great size and athleticism. he has great skill and studied the game and he has got a great heart. so he used all of those things. and he overcame all of the people who doubted him. and just outworked them. and he became player of the year. and really could care less if he is player of the year. that is probably the beauty of it all. >> right on. more power to him. st. mary's will need more magic to get a ticket to the ncaa dance. >> but we can report tonight that one team is officially in. check it out from the exclusive cbs 5 roof cam. >> boston is set to throw it. catch and the shoot and throws it off and the defender passes it and makes the stop. and the cavaliers win the ball game. >> concord yeah's danielle clawson bounced the in-bound off the back of a defender and
6:56 pm
hits the game winner to beat the college of idaho 63-61. that victory gives them the conference title and a spot in the nia tournament. and you thought concord yeah was just an airplane. >> the as left-handers struck out five of the six reds he faced including former giant edgar rentaria. brett anderson didn't fare as well giving up four runs including a homerun by john gomes. the as lose 7-6. about ten minutes away in scottsdale pablo drives one to the shotgun to left center. he goes 2-3 today. both hits double. pablo sandoval is hitting 462. >> tim lincecum razor sharp in his second start. a pair of strike-outs. madison bumgartner replacing him. not nearly as effective. the cubs beat the world
6:57 pm
champions 3-2 the final in scottsdale. nfl combine wrapped up today which means the network announcer zack is there to answer the question how slow can you go? in full suit and tie he runs the 40-yard dash. set a personal best. do you think? 6.18 seconds, nearly a 10th of a second better than last year. >> that's good. >> look at that. >> are you kidding me? [ laughter ] >> he is horrible. >> yes. >> even with a ten second head start he could not hold off auburn quarterback cam newton. just watch the 49ers will probably draft him. >> you can't wear good shoes to do that either. >> you know what, it's in the shoes. it's all in the shoes. >> yes. shall we tell him about the concord yeah plane? >> he wouldn't get it. >> all right. we will see you at 10 and 11. now, that's progressive. - call or click today.
6:58 pm
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